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Heart for heart
Heart for heart

Camera Camera 2019

For its third edition, the art fair camera camera comes back on the 30th of November to the 1rst of December 2019 at the Windsor hotel, famous for its hotel rooms, garden and common spaces. In this art fair, OVNi selects galleries because of  their commitment for contemporary art. Every gallery will be allowed to transform a room, a common space or the garden with a video installation. 


From the first edition we wanted to use the « room » as a starting point for specific projects engineered by the gallery depending on the theme, the atmosphere of the room. 

@Capucine Vevert -  Eric Mouchet
@Capucine Vevert - Eric Mouchet

Jury 2019

Jury présidé par Marc Olivier Wahler (directeur Musée Art et Histoire Genève),

Avec Lélia Decourt (commissaire d’exposition indépendante),  François Fauchon (collectionneur), Joseph Kouli (collectionneur) Ingrid Luquet-Gad (journaliste et critique d’art), et Vincent Honoré (directeur des expositions MO.CO Montpellier). 

@Galerie La Ferronerie
@Galerie La Ferronerie

OVNi prizes

In 2019 3 prizes were awarded 

-the OVNi prize for best video 

-the Camera Camera prize for best room 

-the jury’s favorite 


Jury chaired by Marc Olivier Wahler (Director Art and History Museum Geneva),
With Lélia Decourt (independent curator), François Fauchon (collector), Joseph Kouli (collector) Ingrid Luquet-Gad (journalist and art critic), and Vincent Honoré (director of exhibitions MO.CO Montpellier).


In 2020, several prizes will be awarded at the festival: the OVNi prize for «emergence» reserved for 8 school programs and awarded by a jury chosen by these same schools, and the Caméra Caméra prizes for best video and best room awarded during the art fair.