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La vie OVNi

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OVNi's life

@credits photo
@credits photo

OVNi association



to promote 

contemporary art and video art. 


to contribuate

to the cultural reach of Nice and its art scene. 


to perpetuate

the avant gardist position of Nice


to facilitate and democratize 

access to cultural content and meetings with artists and professionals. 

Director Board

Odile Redolfi, Présidente Fondatrice de l’association OVNi, Objectif V. Nice, Directrice du festival 

Muriel Marlan Militello, Secrétaire Générale

M. Alain Serratrice, Trésorier 

Ludovic Cardon

François Fauchon

Colette Soardi


Membre d'honneur: Pauline Payen (co-fondatrice)



Mentions légales: 


N° SIRET  815 253 067 000 12

N° d’association W062009288





@Nina Fisher and Marouan El Shani
@Nina Fisher and Marouan El Shani

Team of the 2021's edition

Artistic director :  Odile Redolfi (director of the Windsor hotel ), 

Bérangère Armand (curator), Florent To Lay (curator)


OVNi festival : Direction : Odile Redolfi 

OVNi in the city and OVNi at the hotel : Dir. Berangere Armand

OVNi Gallery- Camera Camera art fair : Dir Florent To Lay 

Press relations : Michael Mugnaini 

Graphist : Claude Valenti 

Website design : Collectif URL

Development : Florian Gracy 

Production assistant : Lili Benente 

Communication officer : Chloë Stephan


Association OVNi 

11 Rue Dalpozzo,

06000 Nice


@ :

Téléphone : 04 93 88 59 35


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