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OVNi 2022 - A Saturday with OVNi #1

OVNi 2022 - A Saturday with OVNi #1

OVNi 2022 - A Saturday with OVNi #1
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A Saturday with OVNi #1

A journey through the territory


After a beautiful opening night of the festival on November 18th at the 109, OVNi Folies invites you on Saturday November
19th, to follow us on a video art journey that will surprise you as much as it will make you travel in time. 
The morning will take you through the Alpes Maritimes region with a first stop in Biot at the Fernand Léger National Museum, followed by a stop in Mouans-Sartoux at the Espace de l’art concret. 
We will then meet you at the Matisse Museum in Nice, with screenings and a conference that promises to trace the history of digital art!


📅 19 November 2022 
⌛From 10:30 am



|Territory tour


| 10h30 | 
📍Musée national Fernand Léger

255 Chem. du Val de Pôme, 06410 Biot

Screening from 19 November to 04 December


Elizabeth Price
User Group Disco 2009 – 15’00 » – Colour
Follow OVNi for a proposal from the museum, specifically for the festival, with a presentation and screening of a major work by video artist Elizabeth Price in dialogue with the work of Fernand Léger.


| 12h00 | 
📍Espace de l’art concret

Château de Mouans, 06370 Mouans-Sartoux

Exhibition from 19 November to 04 December


« Chemin des pixels #2 » 

Curator Nathalie Amae, artistic director OVNi in collaboration with the Light Cone Collection.

The eac is hosting a new programme by OVNi. A carte blanche exhibition on Level -1 of the Albers-Honegger Donation.
« Le Chemin des Pixels » is an installation originally conceived by Gisèle Rapp-Meichler, as part of the celebrations dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Light Cone in June 2022. It is presented in a new version designed by OVNi at the eac.

| Projections & conference


| Screenings & conference



| 15h30 | 
📍Musée Matisse

164 Avenue des Arènes de Cimiez, 06000 Nice

Exhibition from 19 November to 04 December


Oksana Chepelyk, guest of honour at OVNi Folies!
Opening of the installation HOMMAGE A MATISSE, a new creation for OVNi, and screening of the video THE OCEAN in the presence of the artist.


| 16h | 
📍Musée Matisse

164 Avenue des Arènes de Cimiez, 06000 Nice


Screening of the historical documentary on the history of digital art entitled Mix-Age.


« From the art of computer code to Criptoart »


Come and meet Chac MacGill (representative of the RAVERSE Collective, author, director of the film Mix-Age) & Benoît Couty (Artistic Director and cofounder of the NFT Factory, Ox4rt and founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA)) to discover the history of digital art and criptoart.