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Edition 2020

The 2020 edition


Our patron for OVNi 2020, Muriel Mayette-Holtz. Director of the Théâtre de Nice, first woman to have directed the Villa Médicis in Rome, actress and director sends us a message….


« This festival takes us into the strange and diverse worlds of visual artists.

It is a unique, ambitious and spectacular festival!

A journey in images, in emotions…

A work in motion…

Everything is there to shake up our looks, to move the lines of our certainties and make us travel.
From one place to another, from one film to another, this stroll offers us some of our favourite moments.

We rediscover Nice, we discover the intuitions of the greatest artists, this disturbing festival offers us new angles to look at the world… And it is so beautiful!

Thanks to Odile Redolfi for offering our city the power of these contemporary artists ».


Michael Rougier/The LIFE Picture Collection
Michael Rougier/The LIFE Picture Collection

A lion in my room

When the title « a lion in my room » dawned as the theme for the 2020 edition of OVNi festival, no one could have expected the catastrophe that Covid-19 would caused. These words come from Allen Ginsberg’s poem : « The lion for real ». In this poem, the narrator gets back home and finds a lion in his living room. He tries to escape from it but fails. No one believes him when he describes his misadventure. This seems to reflect the period we are living in. Scientists, whistleblowers, artists had already warned us about our own lions. Nonetheless, we often continue to live as if those lions do not exist. Ever since, « a lion in my room » has taken on a broader meaning. The reality of the pandemic imposes itself upon us. Overnight, here we are, all of us confined, locked in, facing ourselves and the situation. OVNi 2020 is mirroring our own lions, our own personal and collective challenges, our own fights and interrogations. To quote Albert Camus, we could say that our era is forbidding us to become disengaged from it. The artist « is embarked on the difficult time of his era».


Bérangère Armand