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3, place Charles Félix 06300 Nice

de l’air is a photography magazine created in 2000 in Paris by Stéphane Brasca. It has been based in Nice for four years. It also publishes limited edition books with authors such as Bernard Plossu, Olivier Roller, Marcel Bataillard, Ivana Boris, Antoine d’Agata. He participates and organizes exhibitions in public institutions, private galleries, festivals, fairs and shows.

@Les voyageurs
@Les voyageurs

Grégoire Korganow

The travellers

Grégoire Korganow invites two contemporary dancers to improvise in a medical-social establishment on the outskirts of Geneva that welcomes dependent elderly people, adults with multiple disabilities and young children from a crèche. Driven by the energy of the dancers who pass through this place as an invitation to travel, the residents invent a new language made of gestures, looks and touches. A photographer for more than 25 years, Grégoire Korganow has gradually moved away from the great reportage (Libération, Géo, Marie Claire, de l’air, New York Times…) to invest the field of intimacy through the photographic medium but also through film.

Choreography: Ioannis Madafounis,
Dancers: Anastasia Ivanova and Pierre Piton
Curator: Stéphane Brasca