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Appel à projet Prix Sud Émergence 2024

Demande à la poussière, 2023 © Arnaud Biais
Demande à la poussière, 2023 © Arnaud Biais

2024 Participation call Sud Émergence Prize

OVNi International Artistic Rendezvous
2024 __ « Le Grand Jeu


Prix OVNi Sud Emergence

As part of the next edition of the OVNi Festival (November 15 to December 1, 2024), a prestigious hotel in Nice will be hosting a selection of several proposals from artists under 39 years of age, residing in the Sud or Occitanie region (new for 2024!).


The aim of the Prix OVNi Sud Emergence is to stimulate and support new video art creation in all technological and artistic formats.


To take part, interested artists must apply before midnight June 15, 2024.


Details :

Where: installation in Hotel Rooms
When: 3rd festival weekend (29.11 > 1.12), during the Parcours Hôtels, the climax of the Festival
Where: Nice
The Jury: members of the Jury are drawn from the international world of art and the moving image.
The €2,000 prize is a grant for the writing and production of a new project + a one-month residency.


You’re invited to take part by submitting your videos and visual and sound installations.
The challenge: create a scenographic presence in the dedicated hotel room.


The Prize is awarded at the end of a public evening at the TNN dedicated to the OVNi Sud-Emergence + Cosmopolis Prizes, bringing the Festival to a close in style.


Download file here



Contact: Lili-Jeanne Benente,
Sud-Emergence Project Curator