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Newsletter – OVNi in the city

Newsletter – OVNi in the city

OVNi in the city


As before, twenty museums, cultural venues, artists’ studios and unusual places will open their doors to this event, an opportunity for the public to discover or rediscover the richness of Nice’s and the Côte d’Azur’s heritage, by following this unique video art trail! Evenings of screenings, meetings and performances complete this program until the closing weekend “OVNi at the hotel” in early December.



OVNi in the city
From November 20th to 22nd




©Jérémy Griffaud, Contre-Nature, 2021

Opening of the festival at Pôle 109
Friday 19th November – 6:00 pm

The OVNi 2021 edition, « A lion in the room », brings together the members in the 109, cluster for the opening of the event and heralds all the energy that will be deployed in the various participating venues.


Mathilde Roman presents a documentary by Halida Boughriet, consisting of six testimonies of women on the territory of the Paillon, a way to resituate this space in its environment and in a hexagonal immersive device of Marc Barani.


The Forum de l’Urbanisme et de l’Architecture continues its approach to reveal architectures through the work of Miguel Figueira, Tiago Cerqueira and Filipe Madeira.


The Festival Artifice of the Hublot announces a program of contemporary digital creation around the life of plants, the artificial and the wild and highlights the interactions imagined between human and plants (Frédéric Alemany, David Bowen, Baruch Gottlieb, Julien Maudet & Pauline Briand, Elise Morin, Antoine Schmitt, Matthieu Schmitt, Clémence Seurat). 


In the continuity, the exhibition « Nature & Contre-Nature » in the Grande Halle of the 109 proposes the imaginary landscapes of Jérémy Griffaud, an animated fresco XXL. Paul Johnson plays with the landscape and offers us a poetic tribute to nature. Florian Schönerstedt patiently builds an unusual herbarium with the leaves of a non-existent tree. The traveler of room 109 flees the lights and tumult of the city and is transported by Miguel Angel Fernandez into a serene forest… ORLAN, guest of honor of the festival reveals herself without skin or flesh, laid bare, both massive and fragile… Finally, Thomas Goux stops time. We listen to the sound of wood cracking until the implosion of a disturbing violence. The spectator is thus transported into worlds where nature is transformed by the artists’ imagination, then brought back to the violence of reality.


The Station presents SAGA, a TV show produced on the exquisite corpse model. 7 episodes directed by Rafaela Lopez, Baptiste Masson, David Perreard are presented on several screens and promise suspense and humor.



© Les Poissons, Bertrand Gadenne


City tour
Saturday 20th November – 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm


The tour begins at the Eva Vautier Gallery with the ORLAN Remix video commissioned by “SOS Racisme” and an exhibition of hybrid photographs « Les femmes qui pleurent sont en colère » by ORLAN.


You are then invited to discover the programs of the Narcissio (Sandra Iché), Espace à Vendre (Filip Markiewicz), the Bicicletta (Héliotrope), the Librairie Vigna (Guillaume Dustan), the Atelier Frega (Greg Tudela), the office « de l’air » (Gregory Korganow).


In the former Chapel of the Centre Culturel de la Providence, the sighing and protective faces drawn by Gaëtan Trovato cover the ceiling, are they dead or alive?


At nightfall (6pm), Bertrand Gadenne transforms the Museum of Natural History of Nice into a giant aquarium and Marie Larroque Daran invites you to share La nuit de l’étrange, an exploration of the museum, by the light of torches in search of unusual creatures. 

Reservation on the site, reduced gauge.


Finally, the Very High Stuff Collective proposes a collective exhibition at the Dojo (Axelle Terrier, Jérémy Griffaud, Julien Rebour, Laurie Camous and Marie Pellegrino) followed by concerts and experimental music performances until the end of the night.



Table ronde with ORLAN at TNN
Sunday 21st November – 5:00 pm 


Muriel Mayette-Holtz, patron of the 2021 edition, welcomes ORLAN to the Théâtre National de Nice for a striptease of the artist with Maurice Fréchuret, Gérard Holtz, Alain Quemin and Muriel Mayette-Holtz. The new performance of the artist brings the bodies together with « Le slow de l’artiste ».



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