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Hôtel WindsoR

Hôtel WindsoR – 2015


Programmation de Pauline Payen 

@Yves Caro, Der Abschied (L’Adieu), 2001 - sélection Hôtel WindsoR
@Yves Caro, Der Abschied (L’Adieu), 2001 - sélection Hôtel WindsoR

Yves Caro

Der Abschied [The farewell]

Vidéo, son, 28'48 min, 2001

The voice of Kathleen Ferrier, radiant with compassion, vibrant, singing The Song of the Earth AND Grace, Happiness, of Cyd Charysse, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Eleanor Powell, and others … The romantic music of Gustav Mahler AND the American musical comedy… In short, the “coupling” of two “pastries”, one very deeply serious, the other undoubtedly sweet. Both, equally, elegant and controlled. AND: icing on the cake, which brings together: The waltz.


Lodeveans Collection (Staurt Evans)


About the artist

Yves Caro has a fairly broad practice ranging from painting to installation and graphic design. In recent years the video medium has taken a large part in his work. We are here in a hesitant contradiction between the lightness of the images and the power of the Song of the Earth, a romantic force that places being in its existential problematic. This feeling is quickly perceived as the evocation of these musicals seems to us to be of the order of the historical document and eternally behind us… as if today the hour was for a reconsideration of an authenticity of our life and our loves, far from artifice.