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Inauguré en 1990, le Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain de Nice (MAMAC) propose un beau panorama de la création artistique européenne et américaine de ces soixante dernières années.

© Dominique Angel, Pièce supplémentaire n°29 , 2009 - sélection MAMAC
© Dominique Angel, Pièce supplémentaire n°29 , 2009 - sélection MAMAC

Dominique Angel

Pièce supplémentaire n°29 [Additional exhibit no. 29]

Video, sound, 10"45, 2009

About the artist

Dominique Angel’s video work is part of a broader approach that goes beyond the sole use of this tool. It also includes photography, performance, writing and, above all, sculpture, the founding practice of her entire oeuvre, around which the others revolve, rather like satellites whose trajectory is quite unstable. To the point that they in turn leave traces in the sculptural material.


It is therefore difficult to summarise this dense and complex work, to get a clear idea of it without risking being reductive or simplistic. As in burlesque cinema, that of Chaplin or Keaton for example, the comical or absurd character of the « objects » created, at first sight seductive, is very quickly thwarted by the reality and the dramas they underlie. The names they bear do not shed much light on the subject, since they are all given the generic title: Pièce supplémentaire. Unless we also consider it as an obvious title. Each of them would thus be a fragment of a « total » work, confirming the artist’s claimed commitment to the political, intellectual and artistic levels, in the tradition of the utopias conveyed by the avant-gardes.

Édouard Monnet