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Mentor : Jacques Rougerie

© Jacques Rougerie
© Jacques Rougerie

Jacques Rougerie : Mentor 2024



Jacques Rougerie is a world-renowned French architect and member of the Académie des Beaux-arts, specialising in marine and coastal habitats. His passion for the sea and space has shaped his work, which focuses on biomimetic, bio-inspired, resilient and sustainable architecture.


« As a child, we often dream of building tree houses.
I’ve always dreamt of building them under the sea or in space. »


Rougerie dreamed of building under the sea or in space, aspiring to become an explorer of the future. His fascination with the novels of Jules Verne, particularly « 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea » and « From the Earth to the Moon », as well as his admiration for the exploits of Gagarin and Commander Cousteau, had a profound effect on his destiny.


This convergence of space and ocean adventures had a profound influence on Jacques Rougerie’s career, inspiring him to develop a unique and innovative vision of architecture, where nature and technology come together to create habitats in harmony with their environment, paving the way for the future. In this way, man can live and explore new borders, both on Earth and in space.


We are delighted to welcome Jacques Rougerie to lead the way, alongside the artists, in this new edition of the OVNi Festival.


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