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De l’air – 2016

Grégoire Korganow, Un temps de rêve, 2016
Grégoire Korganow, Un temps de rêve, 2016

De l'air


De l’air est un magazine de photo français, créé à Paris en 2000 et basé à Nice depuis deux ans. Il donne à voir tous les trimestres le meilleur de la photographie contemporaine. Objet d’une exposition (Génération de l’air) en 2011 à la MEP, il est partenaire du Jeu de Paume et participe chaque année à Paris Photo. A l’occasion d’OVNI, il présente pour la première fois un ensemble d’art vidéo.

@Grégoire Korganow, Un temps de rêve, 2016
@Grégoire Korganow, Un temps de rêve, 2016

Grégoire Korganow

Un temps de rêve [A dream time]

Ensemble de 7 vidéos, 2016

Un Temps de Rêve brings together 7 short films directed by Grégoire Korganow. As part of a residency at the Maison nationale des artistes (the retirement home for artists managed by the FNAGP) he asked 7 residents to tell their dream… and then proposed to 7 contemporary dancers to interpret them, by dancing in the park of the residence.


1. My mother, 2.33 min, Le rêve d’Arlette de Breville danced by Aurore di Bianco.

2. The Red Umbrella, 1.51 min, Claude Grizard’s dream danced by Sylvain Groud.

3. Je ne sais pas, 0.56 min, The dream of Marie Le Courtour danced by Kaori Ito.

4. Une femme, 2.57 min, Le rêve de Michel Merlen danced by Julie Koenig.

5. Jacky, 2.27 min, Christine Bertin’s dream danced by Frederico Strachan

6. Prince Charming, 2.28 min, The dream of Liane Le Masson danced by Bernard Wayack Pambé.

7. Mozart’s Burial, 2.44 min, The Dream of Lise Follin Deramond danced by Sergio Diaz.


Managed by the National Foundation for Graphic and Plastic Arts (FNAGP), the Maison Nationale des Artistes located in Nogent-sur-Marnes (94) is in fact a retirement home for artists. 75 residents, dependent people over the age of 60, have taken up residence in two 18th century buildings set in the middle of a 10-hectare park. As part of a residency (between 2015 and 2016), Grégoire Korganow asked seven retirees to tell their dream. Each of his dreams was interpreted in the park by a contemporary dancer.


“The fragile bodies of the elderly no longer allow them to move freely… These impressionistic movements take place according to the lights and the seasons, and offer a spectacle accessible to residents from their windows. With a dream time, we have fun replacing the present time with an imagined time that matches the projections of the narrators, and frees them from the shackles of reality. I see the works resulting from this project as invitations to travel, to my journey embodied in the dreams of elderly people. »


About the artist

Photographer for more than 20 years, Grégoire Korganow has gradually moved away from major reporting (Liberation, Geo, Marie Claire, air, New York Times ..) to invest the field of intimacy through the medium photography but also film.