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Vidéo Box – Carreau du temple

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Vidéo Box - Carreau du temple (Paris)

From May 31 to July 1st, 2018, come and discover the sporty and dynamic program of videos presented at the OVNi festival since 2015. According to Jules Rimet, it is necessary to “Work the body and awaken the mind at the same time”. Known for having founded the football club Red FC Saint Ouen, he is also renowned for the cultural policy he has put in place, in particular a book club accessible to athletes and their amateurs, since 1897. Today Videobox , in the cloakroom n°9 at the Carreau du Temple replays this specific contextualization of culture and contemporary art, by making video art accessible to the public.


For this program at videobox we have selected six videos, questioning the relationship between contemporary art and sport and the compartmentalization between these two cultural practices. Producer of forms, behavior, practice and images, sport and athletes inspire these six artists. Each carries out a plastic research centered on the body, the attitudes and the repetition and beauty of the gesture. The exploration of the world of sport is done here in a poetic mode, where the artists seem to have fun with the homonymy between performance and performativity.





Florian Pugnaire – Agon, 2016.18 min, 2K Movie,


A Kyrne production, with the support of the Center Pompidou, the PACA region, the DRAC PACA and the FNAGP
Presented by the Eva Vautier gallery (Nice) – OVNi 2016

The video would be the sum of all the reflections and the most syncretic work of the duo Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini. We see two combatants confronting each other, prisoners of a timeless loop. The set comes alive and metamorphoses around them to finally self-destruct: carried away in this perpetually changing scenography, the actors seem absorbed by the violence of their own action, almost indifferent to the brutal reactions that surround them.

Camille Llobet – Making Music, series of 13 videos, 2017


Presented by Espace à Vendre (Nice) – OVNi 2017-Camera Camera

Skiing, climbing, aerobatics, bobsleigh… they are all Savoyard athletes. In the center of the space, one by one, bodies are activated: they close their eyes, concentrate, perform a singular gesture then open their eyes.
These are athletes from different sports disciplines who mentally rehearse their routes. Climbing, skiing, car rally, bobsleigh, pole vault, aerobatics… each athlete has been precisely chosen for his specific practice of mental training and the complexity of the setting in which he evolves. Their almost hypnotic quality of concentration, their unconscious expressiveness, the sounds of their breathing, their gestures reduced to the sketch stage reveal a choreography of thought.



Francois Vogel – Stretching, 2009, 5min

Presented by the Enghien Arts Center (Enghein les Bains) – OVNi 2015

Stretching is one of François Vogel’s crazy video and film inventions born out of his experiments with cameras and his work in the digital arts.
A sequence of very short shots of undulating building facades on which the title is inscribed.
Animated frame by frame, a man in summer clothes performs a series of stretching exercises in the streets of a big city. Each exercise takes place in front of a different urban setting. Illuminated by city lights, only a kind of electronic refrain and a few rare synchronous sounds (yawns) or atmospheres (car siren) accompany the images.





Ayoung Kim & Sebastien Bertaud – In This Vessel We Shall Be Kept, 2016, 18min


Presented for OVNi 2016 by CIRM (Nice)

Co-production Opéra Garnier Paris and residence Pavillon Neuflize – Palais de Tokyo for the exhibition The Rumor of Shipwrecks. Musical composition: Hyun-Hwa Cho
On June 18, 2016, Ayoung Kim, artist in residence at the Pavillon Neuflize – Palais de Tokyo and Sébastien Bertaud, choreographer at the Opéra Garnier, performed their piece In this Vessel We Shall Be Kept, with the corps de Ballet du Palais, accompanied of lyrical singers, as part of the exhibition The Rumor of Shipwrecks.
A piece at the crossroads of lyrical singing and contemporary dance, the plot takes place in the bowels of the Opéra Garnier. Like sirens, the choir invites spectators to admire the sculptural bodies and postures of the dancers. We are captivated by the racy elegance, the sensuality and the dark air of the dancers of the Opéra Garnier.


Yves Caro – Farewell


OVNi 2015 – Windsor Hotel Collection

The voice of Kathleen Ferrier, radiant with compassion, vibrant, singing The Song of the Earth AND Grace, Happiness, of Cyd Charysse, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Eleanor Powell, and others … The romantic music of Gustav Mahler AND the American musical comedy… In short, the “coupling” of two “pastries”, one very deeply serious, the other undoubtedly sweet. Both, equally, elegant and controlled. AND: icing on the cake, which brings together: The waltz.


Grégoire Korganow – Un Temps de Rêve, 2016

(Set of 7 videos)


Presented by De L’Air (Nice) – OVNi 2016

Un Temps de Rêve brings together 7 short films directed by Grégoire Korganow. As part of a residency at the Maison nationale des artistes (the retirement home for artists managed by the FNAGP) he asked 7 residents to tell their dream… and then proposed to 7 contemporary dancers to interpret them, by dancing in the park of the residence.



>Ma mère, 2,33 min,
>Le rêve d’Arlette de Breville dansée par Aurore di Bianco.
>Le Parapluie Rouge, 1,51 min,
>Le rêve de Claude Grizard dansé par Sylvain Groud.
>Je ne sais pas, 0,56 min,
>Le rêve de Marie Le Courtour dansé par Kaori Ito.
>Une femme, 2,57 min,
>Le rêve de Michel Merlen dansé par Julie Koenig.
>Jacky, 2,27 min,
>Le rêve de Christine Bertin dansé par Frederico Strachan
>Le prince charmant, 2,28 min,
>Le rêve de Liane Le Masson dansé par Bernard Wayack Pambé
>L’enterrement de Mozart, 2,44 min,
>Le rêve de Lise Follin Deramond dansé par Sergio Diaz.


Le Carreau Du Temple – 2 rue Perrée 75003 Paris

Hours: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.