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OVNi in the city

From November 18 to December 04


In 2022, the OVNi festival reiterates its trail in the city as well as its partnerships with cultural institutions and unusual places in Nice. Like every year, the partners put a video program in the spotlight or let OVNi intervene in their place for a dialogue between the place, the video art, the collections…


Among our « historical » partners, we find galleries such as Espace à vente or Eva Vautier, Nice institutions (MAMAC, Matisse Museum…) but also unusual places such as the old slaughterhouses (contemporary culture center at 109) or the Chapel of Providence.


OVNi being in perpetual development, new partnerships and forms of demonstrations will be set up for this 8th edition. To be kept informed, follow us on our social networks!


OVNi in the city programmation is coming soon.